We are a leading player in the business of producing, packaging and marketing various ranges of alcoholic beverages. Most of our alcoholic beverages are from bio-ethanol obtained mainly from cashew apple which we juice, ferment and distil.  We also juice and bottle various fruits like pineapple and oranges under the Charlie Brand. These drinks are natural without any additives.  It was incorporated on the  5th of June 2017 as a limited liability company under the Companies act. But actual production started in 2019.

Our Corporate Governance

Operating in the alcoholic industry demands certain responsibilities. Our Directors are therefore committed to ensuring the highest standards of responsibilities in corporate governance. They believe these are central to discharging their stewardship responsibly. Our Directors strive to provide the right leadership, strategic oversight  to bring about the delivery of value to all of the company’s shareholders. The Board operates on the pedestal of integrity, accountability, good governance, creativity and  bring independence of character and judgement to their function. They are aware of their responsibilities to the company’s stakeholders and the need to keep delivering world-class services.

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Cedrick Cart

Company Owner

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Gabriella Moore

Company Owner

Jamesson White

Company Employee

Jagger Thompson

Company Emplopyee